Access Control Installation

Access Control can compliment CCTV in providing a premises with the ability to control who is entering the premises, track who is on their premises and in which area.

Access control systems are available in two different styles, digital door lock and standalone access control unit. The digital door lock solution is designed to replace a standard lock, and the standalone solution is designed for higher end applications and for use with door releases, magnetic locks etc… Our systems are based on the very latest RF and Biometric technology to ensure excellent security and reliability.

Our RF based Access Control systems are ideal for premises requiring a robust way of allowing access to authorised people only. They are also ideal for premises where members/employee s need to be added and removed without them being present.
For larger premises with multiple access points that need to be covered, the XD200 unit supports up to 9000 users and is supplied with free software which allows easy management of multiple units from a single PC.

Our Biometric Access Control systems control who is entering your building using the very latest biometric ‘fingerprint’ scanning technology. They provide the most secure solution to Access Control applications as a finger print cannot be copied or stolen.

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